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Mar. 6th, 2010

This one isn't getting a quote, just because I'm so retarded

I haven't been on Livejournal because whenever I tried to login, I would enter my username as "thebrendanimal" and it would keep saying the username did not exist. a month later I realized again that there is an underscore in my name. Go me!

Oh and since I'm making this entry public everyone should know that you have to be my friend to see my other entries muahaha

Jan. 24th, 2010

"You have to make two entries now, one for yesterday's quote and one for today"

Too bad I don't remember what the quotes were.

On a side note, I am probably the biggest fuck up this world has ever known.

Relays yesterday, Men's sabre was seated 8th...wow what a surprise. I wish our team had other sabre's that were actually good, then maybe our team could have better meet scores. Whatever. We fenced Huntington A first who I expected to beat the crap out of, but we only won 45-40, with me anchoring, and I know I had less than 10 touches scored on me. Well we won so whatever. Next was Commack and I wasn't expecting an easy victory, we lost 45-20 although I did pretty well individually, I got 8 touches on Laks but it wasn't enough to dig us out of our hole. Again I got more than half of the touches.

Now we fence the other losers, first was Newfield. We actually were doing well until Josh's first time up, he only got 2 touches while they got 8, bringing them in the lead. I wouldn't have been that mad except for the fact that Pryde got 0 touches right after -_-. I'm really not that mad at Josh because he's still new to the team, but come on Pryde, you could have gotten more. Then later he blames Josh for the loss, because he said that Josh lost us our momentum and that's why he didn't get any touches the next bout. Yeah sure, shut the fuck up.

Next we fenced Whitman B for 7th place, and we did very well. We fenced like assholes though since we knew we could easily beat them. I got 3 flunges in xD. On my third flunge I fell to the ground, and the director said "I technically should give you a yellow card, but you fell after the touch so I won't." We won 45-30 I think? Less then 5 touches were scored on me.

God dammit I'm such an egotistical asshole -_-. I seriously can't wait for next year though, I seriously want Butcher back so much, and I know Josh will become a beast over the summer, then we'll have a good sabre team.

Oh and I never went to the tournament today because I'm a faggot. Now Leah is mad at me because she's covering for me but she was gonna go to the city. Adam is mad at me too. Wtf. You know what I really don't care, I get cut every single Sunday it's not worth it anymore. -_-.

Well this was a very angry post. And to make it worse, the Jets lost, god fucking dammit.

Jan. 14th, 2010


I like them

It's April and i just noticed this post was here. Someone was on my livejournal, dammit, lmao